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We want to cut the amount of sun we get by installing some pull-down sun shades along the edge of our patio. We bought some at a home improvement store, but they don't look as easy to install as the package said.

They keep guys like me in business.

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If it were up to me, I would make it a manufacturer's requirement to write instructions so impossible to comprehend that it would take a Ph.

Sun shades will reduce the amount of sun you will get, especially when the sun is low in the sky. However, you need to realize that these shades are usually only six feet long, and since your patio is taller than that, you will have a gap of several feet underneath.

This will also lead to another challenge: keeping the shade from flapping when it's windy. You can buy the shades in widths of six, seven or eight feet so you will need to measure the area you want to cover and then buy the combination of lengths that cover the area.

It is likely that you will have a small space on the ends of the area because these shades cannot be cut. Each end of the shade will mount into a bracket. One bracket will have a clutch end a unit that controls the up and down movement of the shadeand the other will have an idle end. The shades will come ready to be hung with the clutch unit on the right-hand side, and since the pull-chain is connected to the clutch, you will operate the shade from this side.

The brackets come ready to be installed horizontally from the surface.

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You can change the clutch from right-hand to left-hand, or you can mount the brackets so that they hang straight down. To do this, you need to remove the screws holding the clutch to the bracket and rotate the clutch by 90 degrees so that the chain hangs straight down.

Now you're ready to hang the shades. Make sure you have measured accurately. Although the box might say you have a six-foot shade, the actual installed length of the shade is going to be several inches longer than six feet due to the mounting hardware on either end. Make sure you account for the extra length before you hang the shades.

If your patio cover is made of wood, you will be able to use the screws that are included in the package. If it is made of aluminum or is frame-and-stucco, you will need to purchase screws. Mark the locations of the holes so that they are all uniform from the edge of the patio cover.

For a wood patio cover, pre-drill the holes and then attach the brackets with the screws provided. If your patio cover is aluminum, use bolts and nuts or self-tapping galvanized screws. These screws will drill a hole through the metal as they pull the bracket tight to the patio cover. For a frame-and-stucco patio cover, you will have to estimate where the wood lies. Use a small masonry bit and drill a hole through the stucco.

With any luck you will hit wood once the bit works through the stucco.

coolaroo alumawood

If there is no resistance, remove the bit and drill another hole next to it until you find the wood. Once you hit wood, use a No. The screws should bite into the wood at least three-quarters of an inch in depth.We are the Oldest nationwide dealer of Alumawoodthe highest quality Aluminum Patio Covers on the market.

coolaroo alumawood

Alumawood's most popular cover, year round protection, affordable and really adds to the look of your home, great for any customer. Insulated panels offer superior protection, drastically reduces the heat and is even quieter in rain storms.

Traditional Aluminum Patio Covers and Carports. Classic "W-Pan" aluminum patio covers and carports are for the budget-minded customer who wants a high-quality, practical cover. Aluminum patio covers will simply outlast any other type of cover on the market today. Patio covers made of Aluminum, will not twist, warp, mildew, rot, burn, attract termites, split or splinter like real wood does. Our Alumawood patio covers are made of aluminum which is embossed with a cedar wood grain texture to make it look and feel like real wood.

Alumawood Paint: Alumawood shade structures are painted in one of our seven stylish colorswith the highest quality AlumaShield paint, which will not fade, split or chip, due to its Teflon additive. Teflon Additive: An extra bonus of the Teflon additive is that it helps your cover repel, dirt, dust, stains, and oil, making it easy to keep your Alumawood patio cover kit looking pristine.

Roll Down Patio Shades

Lifetime Limited Warranty: The aluminum and paint are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warrantymaking Alumawood patio covers long lasting, and able to withstand the harshest elements. You get the best of both worlds with our products the classic look of wood, with the durability and convenience of aluminum.

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Try-Tech Patios went over and beyond our expectations throughout the project; from designto quotes for different optionsand always promptly and thoroughly responded to all of my questions. I was also very pleased with the ease of putting the awning together. James, the owner worked directly with me the entire time.

The patio cover sure keeps our house cooler, we now use our patio in the middle of summer. Wish I had done this years ago, thank you for all your help. Please call us at or fill out our simple quote form and receive a delivered price for your complete DIY Kit. Contact Us.

Call Us sales try-tech. Please note that off-season business hours may vary.Call Us: Looks like wood, but most importantly, it has the durability and resiliance of aluminum. Alumawood will not rot, peel, burn or get termites! Also, exemplary customer service is our main goal! At Patio Kits Direct we aim to create the perfect Patio Cover KIT for you and your family, creating a new outdoor living space that works with your home!

View sample covers, colors and get hands on with Alumawood. Additionally, talk with our Patio kit pros and get design ideas! Additionally, talk with our Patio pros and get design ideas! Email Sales patiokitsdirect. Why trust anyone else? Over 8, Patio Kits Sold! Quick Quote. DIY Patio Kits for every lifestyle. Use our Augmented Reality tool to see your Do it yourself patio kit design in your very own backyard! We offer live phone supportduring your build!

Why Patio Kits Direct? Types of Alumawood Patio Covers.

coolaroo alumawood

Newport Solid Non-Insulated. Lattice Laguna. Solid Insulated. Alumawood Looks like wood, but most importantly, it has the durability and resiliance of aluminum. Learn More.

Installing Coolaroo Sunshades wth Southern California Patios

Insulated vs Non Insulated? Custom Options. Choose your Alumawood colors. Complete your patio kit with add-ons. See what other homeowners are doing View our completed home owner builds and see what other Do it yourself Alumawood Patio Cover Kit customers are saying about Patio Kits Direct.Rader Awning, locally owned and operated, has proudly supplied homeowners with their awning and accessory needs for over half of a century.

When you need a new fabric patio cover for your home, be sure to visit Rader Awning and let us help you select a functional, great looking patio awning cover that will keep your family cool all year long. As a homeowner, you want any additions to your house to be effective and attractive. Thankfully, Rader Awning carries fabric patio covers in designs that look great on any structure. Our Awning Design Center allows you to select from different awning styles, fabrics, valances, and bindings.

Fabric Patio Covers. Rader Awning expertly designs and installs fabric patio covers in Albuquerque and Santa Fe! Delightfully Decorative As a homeowner, you want any additions to your house to be effective and attractive.

They combine beautiful design with reliable performance to engineer long-lasting fabric patio covers. Coolaroo — This knitted Shadecloth is designed to breathe and uses airflow to keep temperatures beneath the awning cooler. Coolaroo fabric is ultra-tough, standing up against heavy use without fraying or tearing.

Call today to schedule your free consultation Financing Available.We just had an aluminim patio cover installed Alumawoodand found that we are getting a lot of evening sun, so I got a 10 foot Coolaroo sun share, but I'm not sure how to attach it to the aluminum. I don't want to damage the aluminum. Any ideas on how to do this?

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Sign In to join the community Help. How do you install a sun shade on an aluminum patio cover? Not what you were looking for? Try posting a question. Like 0 Comment 3 Stay updated Report. So there you go. Have fun with your new Coolaroo shade addition. Best Answer. Like 0 Report. Hi sasmih poster of original questionDid you get to install Coolaroo shade to your aluminum roof?

I have the same question. I am told to use self-tapping screws, but not sure how it will hold up.

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I will be install the blind to the header beam which should be okay but I am nervous about installing on the side as the aluminium there is thin. Did you install? What's the feedback after 1 year?

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Any particular to pay attention to? Thank you. I hung a 50lb sunsetter easy shad to the side of my alumawood patio cover by removing the end cap and sliding in 2x6 piece of wood, then you can install the brackets using self tapping sheet metal screws that will go thru to the wood. Its solid and will not harm the thin aluminum.The coolest home in the neighborhood. Shade from the hot sun and energy savings inside. Remote controlled and wind resistant up to 70 mph, all with custom, modern style.

Beautify your existing patio, walkway, entry, garage and more with permanent precision. They knew exactly what would be the best for our situation and delivered quickly with a phenomenal product that is going to work out perfect for us!

Our yard looks so much nicer! Seriously an incredible difference. Quality product, good value compared to Shadeworks, and lots of little extras. Rich and his team were all great! Great company to work with would highly recommend! They created our vision for our patio. Amazing craftsmanship.

coolaroo alumawood

Awesome crew. Nice to see a good local business providing the valley with such an amazing product. Patio Covers, Shades and Concrete Overlays. Extend the seasons of your Idaho life. Patio Covers. Browse Cover Options. Outdoor Living. Start Building Online. Side-Retention Shades. See Shade Options. Concrete Overlay. Learn More. CoverTech proudly serves clients throughout the Treasure Valley.Need to know how to install Coolaroo Exterior Shades? You've come to the right place!

DIY Patio Kits

These Coolaroo Sun Shade Installation shades provide quick and easy privacy, with a simple to use hand crank. This video provides an easy instructional overview on how to put these shades into place in five easy steps. They require no specialty tools or training, and everything you'll need is provided.

Now let's get started! You'll need to start by measuring above your window. When you're measuring above your window, make sure you measure as level as possible, as this will affect how your shades will lay. When you've finished measuring, mark where you need to drill the holes.

Now you'll need to install the clutch and idle end brackets. When you've completed this task, you can install the shade. To do this, you'll need to insert the clutch plug into it's unit, and then insert the idle end plug into the idle end unit, and snap into place. Now that your shade is in place, you should adjust the brackets so they fit snugly. There shouldn't be any gaps or open spaces.

This should be installed 5" under where the cord will stop. Now you're done! These Coolaroo Sun Shade Installation shades are easy to use, and protect your home from scorching summers, and freezing winters. They are ideal in any home, and will make a practical choice for you and your family! Grid View List View. Description Need to know how to install Coolaroo Exterior Shades?

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