Unity globe map

Discussion in ' Getting Started ' started by QuinnjeApr 18, Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Asset Store Spring Sale has begun! Unite Now has started! Come level up your Unity skills and knowledge. Come post your questions! Joined: Nov 30, Posts: 7.

Now I realize that these videos were made and edited, but I wanted to know they came up with those numbers?

Did they guess and check before releasing the finial video? Did they look at the grid lines for the "plane" game object and compare it to the cube size and just do quick multiplication?

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I feel like there should be a way to exactly figure out what the proper size of objects should be without counting squares or guess and check work If anyone has some insight on this that they are willing to share it would be greatly appreciated. QuinnjeApr 18, Joined: Jan 14, Posts: 8, I think you're way over thinking it. They chose those sizes because they made the wall look good and fit the area they were trying to make.

That's all there is to it. I'm sure when they were prototyping, before making the video, they used the scale tool and dragged it around and experimented a bit until they found what they wanted, then they rounded the numbers and wrote 'em down.

In real life, you just experiment until you get what you like, and then round if you prefer round numbers. As long as the width of a typical scene in the camera's view is on the order of tens of units, rather than thousands or thousandths of units, you'll be fine. JoeStroutApr 18, Kiwasi and Quinnje like this. Joined: Jul 19, Posts: 32, Use whatever works. Eric5h5Apr 18, Joined: Dec 5, Posts: 16,This product is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this program, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.

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Select a map below to get started. Tectonic plates. Average Land Temperature. Climate zones. Average yearly precipitation. Energy consumption. GINI index. GDP per capita. Population density. Population cartogram. Population growth. Fertility rate. Copyright notice This product is protected by copyright law and international treaties. All rights reserved. The size of each territory shows the relative proportion of the world's population living there. Key: megawatt hour 0. Key: mm per year 51 to 20 to to to to 1, 1, to 1, 1, to 1, 1, to 1, 1, to 2, 2, to 3, A measurement of income inequality.

The higher the number the bigger the gap between the rich and the poor. Key Key: USD to 1, 1, to 2, 2, to 4, 4, to 7, 7, to 10, 11, to 15, 15, to 19, 20, to 29, 29, to 40, 40, toEarth rotation Show axial tilt. Click and drag with your mouse to move around the Earth and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Drag your finger to move around the Earth and use two fingers to pinch and zoom. Got it.

[RELEASED] World Political Map - Globe Edition

For the full 3D experience, update to a WebGL enabled browser. Proceed anyway.This tutorial will walk you through how to create a visualization of 3D buildings on top of a 3D terrain map for use in a Unity application. You will:. This tutorial is for versions 1.

If you are using version 1. Your new, empty scene will need a Map object to display a map. We provide a Map prefab already that you can drag and drop into your scene. This Map object comes with an Abstract Map script, where you can adjust map settings like location, map style, elevation, and more. You have a map! Select your Map object and look at the Inspector window.

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Under the Abstract Map general settings, either change the location to Set the zoom level to To make this map of Manhattan, you can either start over in a new scene, or change the settings in your existing scene.

First set the location to Now open up the vector settings. Next, look for the Material Options setting. Next to Roof Material and Wall Material is a small circular icon. You are using an outdated browser and will encounter some problems with our website.

Please consider upgrading. Upgrade Now. Getting started Set up your project Customize your map Create a map of Mt.

Hood, Oregon Create a map of downtown Manhattan Next steps. No code. You will: Set up a Mapbox project in Unity. Add a map to your scene. Customize your map for your specific needs.

Learn how to add buildings and other vector data. Create an empty Unity project. Configure your Mapbox access token in your Unity project. Set up your project Your new, empty scene will need a Map object to display a map. To see what the default Map looks like, hit Play. Create a map of Mt. Hood, Oregon Select your Map object and look at the Inspector window.

Save your scene and hit play. Create a map of downtown Manhattan To make this map of Manhattan, you can either start over in a new scene, or change the settings in your existing scene. Hit play to see Manhattan with buildings! Was this page helpful?Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Asset Store Spring Sale has begun!

unity globe map

Unite Now has started! Come level up your Unity skills and knowledge. Come post your questions! Joined: Jan 20, Posts: I am pleased to announce the release of HexGlobe! The base of the system is an icosahedron, a solid figure with twenty triangular faces.

Each face is divided a number of times, and the vertices are normalized into a spherical shape. Each vertex from this stage becomes the center of a hexagon. The data for the terrain is loaded from a map the user creates, land is raised, and a fractal function is applied to each of the original triangular meshes, simulating actual terrain. There are toggles for creating and saving the texture maps, which are created with a procedural 'air-brushing,' so there are no ugly repeating patterns in the hexes.

The hexagon grid is a separate, toggle-able layer. The distance around the equator of a globe is equal to the number of subdivisions, times 5. This is a sample of a section of the input map that makes the globe in the screenshot and webplayer demo 50 subdivisions. Included are size 10 and size 50 globe maps of the Earth, and documentation on how to create worlds of your own. Out of the box, there are six heights of terrain Water, Low Plains, Plains, Hills, Mountains, and Extreme Mountainsand four kinds of 'ground cover': Grass, Forest, Sand, and Snow; but the user can easily extend this basic terrain system to suit their individual design needs.

It has been kept intentionally basic to allow for extension by the user in a variety of ways. A basic pointer has been included to show that these hexes are discreet points on the surface of the globe, and how they can be referenced and clicked.

If you've been thinking of making a grand-scale strategy game, this engine could save you literally months of design time! TasarranOct 30, Toxic Blob. Joined: Jun 8, Posts: By: Abhishek Tripathi. Kickstart your creative process with real-world location data and our open ecosystem.

unity globe map

With our latest Maps SDK for Unity release, generating a new scene for any place in the world is as easy as drag-and-drop. Create a fully-functioning scene as a starting point to explore the possibilities of real-world data in Unity. Use New York City, Chicago, Paris, Minnesota, Tokyo, or even your hometown as the backdrop for your next game, to generate a futuristic sci-fi world, or build world-scale AR experiences.

Create a free accountand take advantage of our worldwide data coverage, high-res satellite imagery, and accurate global elevation data for your next game, simulation, or AR app.

Our prefabs come ready-to-go with carefully thought out defaults to get you started, and the new UI allows you to modify the map and styling all from one inspector panel.

Generate a city instantly and customize building textures and styles, leverage location metadata to create contextual gameplay experiences, and power your next AR game character with awareness of the world. We took your feedback into account and added API methods to do the heavy-lifting, so you can spend more time perfecting your application. Creating the map is now a single line of code.

Random Globe Map Generator

Changing your map through scripts is just a few lines of code. With tens of millions of buildings and points of interest data — as well as satellite and terrain data — included in our SDK you can create compelling experiences anywhere in the world. Use accurate location data to procedurally generate game-level styling or have your game play elements react intelligently to the world around you in your next location-based game.

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Use our POI and real-time people movement data alongside our navigation API to create engaging gameplay experiences that take popular places and safety into account. Our SDK makes it easy to build on our platform while still having access to the raw data.

Creating real-world simulations and game levels is just the starting point. Our 1.

WRLD Unity SDK Trailer v0.5

Play at home or take your experience out into the real world, where your creations can interact with buildings and locations as well as other players. We offer transparent pricing and a generous free tier for indy developers to get started with a free account today. Want to talk in person? Drop by our booth at GDC March 21—When you have a game with a huge world potentially infiniteyou may face some problems due to the limited resources of the computers.

For example, it is not possible to keep rendering the whole world every time, since this will use a lot of processing power and memory. The idea of this tutorial series is to show how to manage such a huge world, by activating and deactivating world areas according to the proximity of the player. In the second tutorial we are going to add more stuff to the world, such as trees. We are also going to add a fog to hide distant regions so that the player can not see they being deactivated.

Don't miss out! There are different ways to create the world map of your game. Since the focus of this tutorial is on how to handle such world map, and not on how to create it, we are going to use an automated tool to create the map. The tool we are going to use is called L3DT. This tool allows you to generate huge world maps which you can import in Unity later. Start by downloading and installing the program. We are going to create a Designable map.

Select the map size you prefer. You can leave the other parameters in their default values. In the calculation queue window, select all maps to be created.

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In the end, we are only going to use the height map and the texture map, but generating the other maps will add information to the texture map in the end. For each map, you can leave the default parameters. What we need to do now is exporting the height map and the texture map, so that we can import them later in Unity. In order to export the height map, select the heightfield tab, then right-click on the map and select Export. Unity only imports RAW, so we need to export it in this format.

The texture map can be exported in a similar way. Select the texture map tab, right-click on the map and select Export. We are going to export it in the PNG format. First, open the Unity project you have created. This will create a new object with the Terrain component.Each node on a graph represents a terrain or object generator: noise, voronoi, blend, curve, erosion, scatter, forest, etc.

Once the nodes are connected the magic happens: a game map will be created without any human involvement. No need for painstaking work sculpting and drawing vast terrains, placing thousands of objects, painting fields of grass: just give your orders to the plugin in the form of a node graph and it will create a map automagically! Enraged by paid file-sharing sites? Low downloading speed, connection breaks, limit to the number of downloads You can help us so we can keep doing this!

How to download Unity Asset for free without any restrictions from data cloud:. Supports multiple biomes: forests, deserts, snowy plains, jungle and other terrain types from different graphs could be blended together.

unity globe map

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The asset comes with the full source code. Available Versions 1.

3D Interactive Earth Globe

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